Heavy Duty Weighing Scale

We have been widely appreciated in the market for offering a wide range of Heavy Duty Weighing Scales to the customers. These products are fabricated by employing sophisticated machines and latest technology, under the able guidance of a team of diligent professionals. Owing to their durability, high level of accuracy and reliability, these weighing scales are highly demanded by the clients. In our range, we offer Heavy Duty Super Scales, Single Load Weighing Scales, Multiple Load Weighing Scales, Platform Scales, Crane Scales and Milk Weighing Machines.

  • Platform Scale

    We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Platform Scale. These scales are manufactured using superior quality raw material, which is sourced from the reliable vendors of the market. The scales offered by us are known for their accuracy and durability.

    • Platform Scales with ABS Indicator - SPP PF ABS
    • Platform Scale with Metal Indicator - SPP PF BL
    • Platform Scale with Trolley - SPP PF Trolley Scale
    • Platform scales with suitable, sturdy removable bracket to fit the Indicator on to the Pole.
    • Powder Coated M.S. Frame stucture in hollow Pipe, thus making it very light but very strong , sturdy and longlasting.
    • Unique Sansui Design


    • Inbuilt battery
    • Auto charging facility
    • Automatic voltage regulator (A. V. R.)
    • Sturdy mechanism with overload protection
    • Sturdy backrail in round Pipe.
    • Sturdy embossed SS Tray with round corners

    Specifications for SPP (PF- Black) / SPP (PF- ABS)

    • Cap. (Kg) Acc (g.)Pan Size (mm)
    • 30/75 5/10400 x 400
    • 75/150 10/20450 x 600
    • 75/150 10/20550 x 600
    • 200 20550 x 600
    • 300 50550 x 600

  • Heavy Duty Scale

    Offered by us is a quality-assured range of Heavy Duty Super Scale to the clients. The scales offered by us are widely used to cater to the heavy duty applications in various industries and sectors. Moreover, we manufacture these products as per the exact market demand, in order to attain maximum level of client satisfaction. These are also called as Heavy Duty Platform Scales.

    Following are some of the quality attributes of these products:

    • Flawless performance
    • Longer functional life
    • High efficiency

    Specifications for SPP (PF- Black) / SPP (PF- ABS)

    • Cap. (Kg) Acc (g.)Pan Size (mm)
    • 300 50600 x 600
    • 300 50750 x 750
    • 500 100600 x 600
    • 500 100750 x 750
    • 1000 200750 x 750
    • 1000 200900 x 900
    • 1000 2001000 x 1000
    • 2000 5001200 x 1200
    • 1000 10001500 x 1500

  • Crane Scale

    Owing to our vast experience in this domain, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Crane Scale. We offer these Digital Crane Scale ranging from 1 ton to 100 ton capacity. To protect the Hanging/crane Scales from lifting of sudden high impact loads, the load cell used have locking type arrangement with intrinsic safety features. Sansui has developed Crane Scale ranges from 1 ton to 100 ton capacity, keeping in mind the user and application where it is used. The load cell used is special locking type arrangement with intrinsic safety features against lifting of sudden high impact loads. Crane Weighing Scale Applications Process Industry, Foundries Industry, Transport, Metal Industry, Steel Industry, Cement Industries.

    Used In

    • Paper industry
    • Forging industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Steel industry
    • Dock Industry


    • Housing all around the Crane scale which acts like a heat shield Super bright 1 inch height red LED.
    • This model has a 360 degree swivel hook.
    • Rechargeable battery DC 6V/10A 1PC (aprox 60 hours).
    • Load cell connects to upper ring and bottom swivel hook of Crane scale. It has got a non screw safety design as per the dimension chart (with capacity & accuracy) to prevent loosening or breakage problem.
    • Keyboard calibration
    • Cost aluminum alloyed housing
    • One piece made shape, high safety & durability
    • Capacity range: 1T-100T, A cc up to 1/3000
    • Safety over load: 200% of the scale capacity
    • Damage overload: 400% of the scale capacity
    • Net gross push button switches
    • Super bright red LED display, clear and easy viewing
    • Built in rechargeable battery with 6 V /10 A, easy and convenient for loading


    • Capacity (Ton):Accuracy (Kg):
    • 10.5
    • 21.0
    • 5 2.0
    • 105.0
    • 155.0
    • 2010.0
    • 2520.0
    • 5025.0
    • 10050.0

    For Foundry Applications: Special crane scales available which can work in temperature zone of 1200°C at a distance of 2meters from scale

  • Milk Weighing Machine

    We are engaged in offering Milk Weighing Machine, which are known for their speed, accuracy and reliability. Manufactured using superior quality raw material, these machines are known for their rugged construction. These machines have a 500 litre capacity steel bowl, which is suspended by four bars attached to the main frame. Load Cell is attached on which the bowl hangs. Proportional to the weight of the milk pan, the signal from the load cell is given in millionths.

    Computer controlled indicator

    Computer controlled indicator displays the weight. This also allows one to print -in the customer code, route code, weight in kg and litres, date, time morning or evening, milk of cow/ buffalo, fat content, government rate for fat, amount in rupees.

    Optional Features

    • A Milk tester that measures the fat contents of milk, can be attached to calculate Government rates
    • Store the record in the weight indicator's memory and take print outs
    • An UPS, available optionally, ensures steady supply of power
    • Milk weigher for dairies : SMW 100KL
    Milk Weighers (Chilling Centers)
    • To weigh 500 Litres capacity of Milk Bowl.
    • Can be interfaced with Milkotester
    • Will give various MIS reports like
    • SNF
    • Percentage Fat
    • Route Collection
    • Average Fat
    • Date and Time of milk collection
    • No. of Cans
    • Milk in Kgs
    • Milk in Litres etc


    • Sturdy design, can sustain impacts in a dairy usage
    • Suitable for humidity levels in a chilling center


    Milkweighers for chilling centers with capacity of bowl ranging from 300 to 600 litres of Milk.

  • Flame Proof Scale


    • High resolution upto 15,000 counts.
    • Easy to read (0.56”) Bright Red LED display.
    • Environmentally protected Load cell IP67 Class.
    • Back Rail support provided.
    • Rugged construction suitable for Industrial environment.
    • All Models are Certified by CIMFR (Dhanbad) for use in Hazardous Areas.

    Group :II A & II B Atmosphere & Zone I & II use with intrinsically safe Zener barriers. Display : 56 Power Supply : AC 220V + 10% 50-60 Hz Optional : 4-20mA & Set point facility. : S. S. Platform Scales available on request. 0. ” Bright Red LED display

    Platform Scales

    Capacity 1 Ton 1 Ton 2 Ton 3 Ton 5 Ton 5 Ton
    Readability 200 gm 200 gm 500 gm 500 gm 1 Kg 1 Kg
    Plt.Size (mm) 1000 x 1000 1200 x 1200 mm 1500 x 1500 2000 x 2000

    Heavy Duty Platform Scales (Four Loadcell)

    Model CTG 60FP CTG 150FP CTG 200FP CTG 300FP CTG 500FP CTG 500FP CTG 1000FP
    Capacity 60 kg 150 kg 200 kg 300 kg 500 kg 500 kg 1000 kg
    Readability 10 / 5 gm 10 / 20 gm 20 gm 20 / 50 gm 50 gm 50 gm 200 gm
    Plt.Size (mm) 500 x 500 mm 600 x 600 mm 750 x 750 1000 x 1000
  • Steel Scale for Coil Weighing

    It is an automatic measuring instrument with the controlling core of microprocession.Having the buffer, it is made of the steel and concrete. It can also be manufactured according to the customer's needed length and dimension. It is convenient maintain the whole scale. It has wide temperature range and strong impact resistance.It is stable and reliable. It is specially designed for metallurgy industry, so it is widely used to weigh the metal material in production, procession, trade and storage. Being the integrated body, it is easy to remove. It is made up of the steel platform, spring buffer, high accurate load cell, indicator and water proof junction box. The helical and compressing spring is used to reduce the force imposed on the scale, so the load cell is efficiently protected and has a long service life. With the strong impact resistance, high accuracy, direct display and quick reading, it has the qulity of peeling, accumulating, printing and protecting the datum when the power is shut off. With It can meet different customers' needs.


    Model WB 10S WB 10SW WB 20S WB 20SW WB 30S WB 30SW
    Capacity 5-10 Ton 5-10 Ton 20 Ton 20 Ton 30 Ton 30 Ton
    Accuracy 2 kg 2 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg
    Pan Size 1.5 x 2m 1.5 x 2.5m 1.5 x 2m 1.5 x 2.5m 1.5 x 2m 1.5 x 2.5m